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Kill Event:

The purpose of the following rules is to balance server growth with modeling our server rules towards the intent and game mechanics of SvS Wars to better prepare our citizens to survive, grow and be successful.

No tile hitting at all - Unless Server Purge is decreed in preparation for SvS Wars
No Camp hitting at all - Unless Server Purge is decreed in preparation for SvS Wars

You are allowed one successful attack on your target per day. If you fail to win your attack, you may attack again.

Being reinforced and Rallying form larger players. This has been viewed as a grey area but it is a reasonable tactic to learn and become proficient in for SvS Wars - both are allowed with-in 5 levels of cclvl.

Level restrictions are set on against your command center level:

  • 5 levels below your command center level (cclvl) and no restrictions above your cclvl.

You may not attack anyone outside of your scale. Doing so can result in you becoming Kill On Sight (KOS) if reparations are not made to the victim.

If an individual is a repeat offender the expectation will be they are kicked and burned by their alliance and report is shown.

If an alliance fails to take action on an individual that has earned their KOS status, that alliance will also become KOS.

Becoming KOS removes all server rules that might protect you. This includes being tile hit.

These rule are only in affect during the Kill Event, outside of the kill event the server is consider in NAP (Non-agression-pact) and attacking any allianced member can and will result in KOS status and follow that protocol.

Note: KE or NAP un-tagged alliance (No alliance) bases are always available to attack regardless of the tiered level structure. If you by mistake hit a tagged player, you must provide reparations or risk becoming KOS. Be sure you know you are hitting an un-tagged alliance base.
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