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SvS War

This section will cover the following: Rules, top tips, gaining points and attacking guide for players who cannot ghost.


This section covers the rules you should follow to keep yourself and your alliance safe during the server vs server war.
  • SvS war time will last two days and happen every other week.
  • Do not farm for the 2 days SvS war is on, the other server will tile hit you. If someone from our server spots you doing it they will hit you first so the enemy does not get points
  • If you see anyone without a bubble or farming, you can hit them so the enemy does not get the points. Make sure they are not setting a trap first. Message them.
  • If you do not want to attack or be attacked, use a 3 day bubble so it doesn't fall accidentally.
  • Share coordinates of enemy cities and statues on the world chat.
  • Share coordinates of enemies without bubble on their own server on world chat.

Top Tips and key points to consider during SvS war
  • If visiting the other server, change your name to include special characters or emjois. This will make it harder for the other server to be able to arrest warrant you.
  • An easy to way to find enemies on this server: go to event centre, svs war, alliance ranking, alliance power ranking, click on any alliance you wish to see it's members. When you click on the alliance and view members you can see if any of that alliance has members in this server. This will show as two yellow swords by the picture of the player (I will share picture on alliance chat when requested). After you find a member with those two swords icon by the picture, copy their name and use an arrest warrant. You have found your enemy!
  • When teleporting to other server you will be teleported to random location
  • When teleporting to other server there will be a lot of lag
  • Killing monsters gives you very low points, it is not worth the risk in other server
  • After initial teleport to other server, all other teleports will use your advanced teleport items, please make sure you have enough before going!
  • To return to our server you will use an advanced teleport
  • Upon teleporting to other server you will have a 5 minute bubble and then you will not be able to rebubble while there
  • When you return to our server your bubble will disappear, please apply it as soon as possible because enemies who saw you on the other server may follow you

Gaining points
Server war points guide without attacking
This section explains what you should do during the war to gain our server points.
1) there will be statues which you can visit to get high amount of points
2) there will be fairies you can visit to get low amount of points
3) keep your eyes on the map and post coordinates of any enemy on world chat
5) attack enemies on your own server, only if you know you will win!

Attacking guide
Svs attacking without ghosting guide. Please read this carefully, the points and tips here are to help you gain as many points without being attacked. It is dangerous in the other server, you will be attacked if you do not follow these steps. Please note, this method uses a lot of advanced teleports. If you can ghost, that is the preferred method.

How to attack:
1) bookmark enemy target you wish to attack, best to attack 1 at a time or maximum 2. More than this and you will be very high risk to be hit.
2) bookmark empty spot in our server, best away from any hive to avoid lag and reduce chance for someone taking the spot
3) use teleport to other server
4) go to bookmarks and teleport to target as fast as possible (be right next to target) anything further than 1 spot is risky
5) attack target
6) load bookmarks and find your plain spot in our server
7) teleport back as fast as possible
8) apply new bubble as fast as possible

Work cited - Evony Scholar
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